Day of the Dead

Junket design

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Mexican Festival – Day of the Dead
From my love of collecting and colour and museums I visited a exhibition at the museum of mankind in London years ago and then was inspired to research the festival. I have been working on images for this book over a number of years together with a great writer and friend. The art work for the book is almost finished so we are hoping to get it published! Together we have travelled to Mexico to the festival that is held every November the 1st in Oaxaca, as well as all over the country.


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Exploding with colour,texture and whimsey,Day of The Dead is anode to one of the most unique and delightful festivals, this book harnesses the riot of sights, sounds and tastes of Mexico in full festival mode. With original hand embroidered artwork, prints, collected ephemera and festival photographs the book is a amalgam of visual treats for the reader to pore over,more of a stylized scrap book than a reference guide. It explores the festival’s origins and gives insights to the visual iconography that has become so familiar to those of us outside Mexico.